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Fraser Coast Films

What’s On Fraser Coast – Oct 2023

    Bringing a script to life

    Written by Kim Parnell

    As this issue of the magazine hits the shelves, Fraser Coast Films will have wrapped up the filming of their second movie, the romantic comedy, “He Loves Me Not.” This much anticipated film stars the beautiful Rhiannon Fish who plays the role of Holiday. Many will remember Rhiannon for her portrayal of April Scott in the popular series Home and Away (from 2010 to 2013). Since those early days, the actress has had a successful career in the US. Sharing the silver screen with Rhiannon is the charismatic Lincoln Lewis who plays Adam. The actor is known for his role in the movie “Tomorrow, When the War Began” and his memorable stint as Geoff Campbell in Home and Away, where he clinched the Most Popular New Male Talent award at the 2008 Logie Awards. Adding to the star-studded cast is the lovely Georgie Parker, who plays the role of Marissa. This marks her second appearance in a Fraser Coast Film, having previously featured in the psychological thriller, 13 Summers.

    Joining this stellar cast are Candice Hill, Bonnie Sveen, Naomi Sequeira, and Sean Perez, each contributing their talent to the film’s success. The film tells the story of an aspiring actress chosen as a wild card for a reality TV dating show who uses a secret elixir to win the heart of the reality TV show’s star. Filming takes place against a stunning backdrop on the world’s largest sand island, K’gari (Fraser Island). Part of the movie was also shot in Hervey Bay. Just before the cameras rolled, I had the privilege of sitting down with some of the team behind Fraser Coast Films – Writer and Co-producer, Jeremy Stanford, Director and Co-producer Tam Sainsbury, and Executive Producer, Glen Winney. During our conversation, I gained some great insight into what it takes to make a movie while weaving the local landscape and its people into the script and bringing it to life. Writer and Co-producer Jeremy Stanford said, “The actual idea for the film had been kicking around in the bottom drawer for many years. The final script has evolved as Tam, and I have brought the script to life. “The inspiration of the area completely changed the dynamic of how the story unfolded”.

    Director and Co-producer Tam Sainsbury said, “He Loves Me Not is a very traditional rom-com with all the romantic story comedy beats but set in this beautiful location. It can’t get much better than that.”

    The stunning landscapes and the vibrant people of the Fraser Coast have given inspiration for new and fresh story ideas that may very well crystallise into scripts for upcoming films. The slate of Fraser Coast Films is rapidly filling up, signifying a bright future for our local film community and those it touches.

    Executive Producer Glen Winney said, “As a team, we saw the benefits and the opportunities for the region in creating “Fraser Coast Films”. Director and Co-producer Tam Sainsbury says, “We complement each other. Glen has the local knowledge and brings with him a large network that we can tap into, and we have the experience and knowledge of the film industry. We have all learned so much already”.

    There are many ways that businesses and individuals can become involved.

    • Investing in the films

    • Sponsoring

    • Acting

    • Film extras

    • Crew

    • Logistical support

    • In-kind Contributions.

    Executive Producer Glen Winney says, “Product placement is very important. We want the sponsors to promote their local products in our movies, it doesn’t matter what the product is, we want to showcase it. “Seeing how proud and excited the sponsors are when they see their product in the movie…that’s what it’s all about”. 2024 will be another exciting year of filmmaking in our region so make sure that you get involved. To keep up to date with all things Fraser Coast Films go to To get involved click on the ‘Engage’ tab.

    This is your opportunity to be part of something HUGE that will be seen around the world and to support the film industry on the Fraser Coast. On a personal note, the What’s On Fraser Coast magazine is excited to be a Bronze Sponsor for He Loves Me Not. We eagerly await seeing our publication in the final cut and to see our name on the big screen.